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27 Sep

This is happening right now. Don’t know when I’ll catch up. The stuff on the right is clean, but will need to be redone for obvious reasons. I may have to work this weekend. Not a good scene.

The categories of my life are overlapping and I need to shove them back in their boxes like I shoved that laundry in the basket.


I heart me

22 Mar

Had some recent blood work come back with high triglycerides and high LDL so it’s time to start thinking heart healthy in terms of my diet. I’ve been doing a little research.  Here is my Heart Healthy Pinterest board.  I really want to try those Black Bean Brownies – odd, but interesting.

These recipes from the Mayo Clinic lo0k really good.  Can’t wait to try some.

Heart Healthy Recipes



Words of wisdom

9 Jan

Words of wisdom

Best frittata ever

20 Dec

I just threw together what I had in the fridge that I wanted to use up.  I sauteed some mushrooms, steamed some broccoli, and threw it in a baking dish.  I cracked some eggs into a bowl, added cream cheese, about a tablespoon of Italian seasoning, some salt and stirred all of that up.  I then poured the mixture on top of the broccoli and mushrooms.  Baked at 375 until it firmed up – about 30-40 minutes.  Then added some American Cheese across the top and continued to bake until that melted.  It was delicious and I only got one piece because my husband finished the rest in one sitting.  Perfect!






8 Dec




28 Nov


Zumba update

30 Jan

Alrighty a while back I posted about trying out Zumba. While I can say that it was fun for sure, it didn’t hold me. I made a valiant attempt, but I am not coordinated enough to not get frustrated trying to keep up with the dances.  It is an entertaining program, but not successful for me.  I do know that many people love it so it probably just wasn’t the right fit for me.

For now I’m just keeping fit by running around after these guys.