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It’s been a while

6 Feb

I’ve been doing tons of soul-searching, journaling, reading, etc. Making some big decisions and just trying to absorb life as much as possible. One of my biggest sources of inspiration is Glennon Doyle Melton. She just posted this little gem today.

And so… there’s the inspiration. When inspiration hits I generally want to create something from it. So here is what I created.


My plan is to frame it and put beneath it some inspiration rocks.



21 May

Sometimes the simplist of things can keep a child occupied and happy.


Sanity {sorta}

2 May

This is how I keep sane when tackling a huge project. Keeping the happy colors visible makes it seem less daunting.



26 Apr

New (washable) paints for the little.


New Lego project for the bigs


I love times like this!

Erin Go Braugh

17 Mar

I have no idea what that means!  We’re not Irish, but we do like to have fun.  Every year I try to do something silly/fun for the kids for St. Patty’s Day and pretend like a leprechaun did it.  Turn everything green with food coloring (milk, toilet water, etc), leave gold chocolate coins by the bedroom door, fun things like that.

Tonight at dinner I realized I didn’t prepare myself for tomorrow being St. Patty’s Day.  I discreetly told my husband that I needed to run out after dinner.  I ran to the grocery store and found that the only St. Patty’s loot they had left were a couple of men’s t-shirts, overpriced hats, some sort of weird drinking device, and a couple of cheesy green pom poms.  I walked right past that section to the toy, candy, and gift wrap section.

For about $20 this is what I got…

Everything green – Peeps, generic Silly Putty, Play Doh, chocolates with green mint inside, shamrock cookies, balloons, and gold star confetti.

I also got those green lunch bags, and I just drew their names on them with a giant first initial.

Everything fit in well.  Here are the bags before I put the cookies in…

The cookies.  Well, a lot of them were broken.

Soooooooooo I may have had to sample one.

It was really good.  The intact ones were so pretty.

I blew up the balloons and placed them along a path of the gold star confetti.

Close up of the loot bags…

Pot O’ Gold?

I had to leave a note for the big guy because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with everything before he went to sleep.  He’s an early riser and I didn’t want him tripping over things in the dark on his way out to get coffee.

Not bad for last minute.  I can’t wait to see their faces!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

PS Don’t forget to hide the evidence!

It’s here and it’s spectacular!

27 Feb

It came on Friday and it took me a whole day before I wrote in it.  It was so perfect that I didn’t want to ruin it with my ugly handwriting!  It arrived in beautiful packaging and came with a sample kit of gift stickers.

It didn’t fit into my pocketbook so I went out and bought a brand new springy pocketbook to accomodate my new planner.  Priorities!!

Perfect fit!

I really do love it (in case you couldn’t tell).  I encourage you to go out and get one yourself!  Don’t forget to search for a coupon code.

{I’m not being paid for this.  I really do love this planner that much.}

Google Doodles

7 Feb

I think that’s what they are called.  Anyway, when I open up my browser and see that the trusty Google logo has morphed into something that honors a particular day I get happy.  Google doodles make me happy.  They are works of art and I wish there was a different one every single day.  I wouldn’t be sad if I never saw the normal logo again.  Here is today’s doodle.  So pretty.

Honoring Charles Dickens’ birthday.  Very pleasing.