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7 Sep


So we happened upon a huge sale at a church today. Just walking up and down the aisles not really seeing anything special. There was a box under the table that kind of caught my eye. I knelt down to take a closer look and I saw that it was a box full of FIESTA! But not just any Fiesta… PURPLE (my favorite color) and COBALT BLUE (my other favorite color)!

$7 for the entire box. I literally fell down on my butt. Literally. It made my week. I’m so happy.

8 of these20130907-150352.jpg

8 of these20130907-150722.jpg

8 of these20130907-151019.jpg

5 of these20130907-151210.jpg

8 of these20130907-151330.jpg

They’re dusty and need to be cleaned up, but so pretty.20130907-151654.jpg
Yes that’s a watergun and toys in the background. Don’t judge.

Now… To make the big plates fit.

I may have to list a few of my other plates on ebay. I may get rid of a couple of the light blue, pink, and beige. We’ll see.


The thrill of the hunt

26 Jul

I’ve been on the hunt for a bedside table for hmmmm about a year. Of course, I rarely buy new from a furniture store. That’s just not me!

Saw a garage sale sign on my way home from work and got this for $10. It’s pretty perfect if you ask me! I just wish it was a pair!


How to extend the life of your gel manicure

20 Jun

I love the gel manicure and it usually lasts pretty well, but by week 3 it’s pretty grown out.  This is what I’m doing to extend it.  I just buffed down the polish so it’s a smooth surface and painted over with a darker color.  Quick dry polish of course!



17 Apr

This issue was made for me.



3 Jul

Who needs a chip clip when you have a clothespin?

Oh the bargains

6 May

This is why I love garage sales…

These would have easily cost me $200 retail.  The storage ottomans are like new and the chenille blanket has one tiny hole that I will be sewing up.  The ottomans were $15 for both of them, and the blanket was $3.  Can’t beat that with a stick!  This picture doesn’t do the color of the ottomans justice.  It’s a very pretty aqua blue.