Blog stalkin

26 Sep

That feeling you get when you discover a ‘new to you’ blog and you just have to go back through the archives and read every single post. There’s just no other feeling like that. It’s like you’ve found buried treasure, except without the whole being able to pay off your bills part.

I’ll be honest. It does feel a little bit stalkerish, but as long as you don’t want to skin her and wear her like last year’s Versace, all is fine. More like not being able to put down a good book than anything. It’s kind of really fun to see the progression from when they first started blogging.

Then there’s that feeling when you realize that you’ve read all there is to read and you actually have to wait for the blogess to post a new piece of crack…I mean blog post. Sigh. Being waterboarded might be easier.

For me, it all started with The Nester


She’s kind of a big deal. She’s an adorable home decor blogger
and her motto is “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”Right up my alley! She drew me in with her “mistreatments”
which are basically no sew window treatments and I’ve stayed
ever since.

Here are some others that have had the Janice effect on me…
{for those that don’ get my Janice reference}



I’ve written about Meg before here. Yes I have. Don’t judge!



Edie is a former doctor turned home-schooling stay-at-home mom.
She runs an online classics book club, has a beautiful home (rebuilt after a
devastating house fire), a thirst for knowledge, and just a sweet way
about her.

Little Miss Momma


I love the way Ashley writes. She writes from the heart and she’s honest about her struggles.

In the Fun Lane


Holly has the job that I hope to retire to…sorta. I’ve always wanted to run a shop that takes old beat up stuff and transforms it into something new and beautiful. Holly does just that with old worn out furniture. She gives it a new life and a new home. She is now working on her second house transformation as well.

The Lettered Cottage


Layla and Kevin are a married couple that have
transformed their house into an adorable cottage. They are true DYIers with a coastal vibe that I love.
They also style for others and came very close to having their own tv show.
With the recent sale of their home they will be moving to a new place and we get to watch them transform that as well.

Some common themes I’m seeing in the blogs I tend to be most attracted to:

  • Mostly female
  • The authors are religious – this is interesting because I am not religious. At all. If anything I’m agnostic with Buddhist tendencies.
  • Geared towards decorating and the home
  • Moms

If any of the people featured here happen to stumble upon this post, don’t worry, you don’t have to tell me you’ve moved to Yemen.
PS call me!

Sooo I’m needing a new blog to stalk. Any suggestions?


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