19 Jun

Today my 9 year old baby boy learned the meaning of the word bittersweet. He told me how he was feeling this morning as we drove him to his current school for the last time.  It’s the last time he will ever attend school in the only town that he’s ever gone to school in because we are moving to a new town.  He told me he was happy and excited and sad at the same time.  I explained to him that the word for what he was feeling is bittersweet.  Through my tears I watched him walk from the car to his friends for the last time.  He’s got a little swagger to his walk and he just looked so grown up, even with his tie dyed shirt and backpack on.

He has a lot to look forward to, and he is looking forward to it, but today he is sad.  We will do our best to make him feel better, but this is a growing pain that we won’t be able to take away for him.

It hurts to see my baby struggle, but in the end I know he will be a stronger person for it.  That is my bittersweet moment.


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