Go ahead, make my day

12 Apr

So there’s this blog.  And I love it.  When I see that there is a new post I get happy.  When there isn’t a new post I get disappointed.  And she posts frequently, but I’m impatient because for whatever (no pun intended) reason I get such joy from this blog.

Meg is honest, real, and refreshing.  She follows her heart, she’s an artist that makes beautiful things, she has created a  business in which other women are able to get away and make beautiful things.  I want to go to one of her craft weekends…one day.

She’s charitable. She’s a photographer.

She’s a mom that loves her kids through the hard stuff and embraces the pitfalls of parenting while taking joy in the easy parts.  She has a beautiful family

The two youngest of her FIVE children
Source: http://megduerksen.typepad.com

and beautiful house (which is now devoted to the craft weekends because she followed her heart and moved to the country).

And while having all of this she is humble and grateful.

And she pulls of the short haircut that I wish I could!

Meg – I’m sure you’ll never read this, but just in case you do, please don’t be scared.  I promise I’m not some weird stalker person.  I just really appreciate what you do and felt I needed to write this post so I went with it!

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