I have a housekeeper!

12 Mar

Ok not really, but a girl can dream.  I want to talk about my recent experience with Alice.com.  I am a huge fan of grocery delivery and I’ve been meaning to do a post on that, but I haven’t.  Oh well.  Anyway, I decided to try Alice.com for things that I would usually make 15 trips in a month to Walmart for.

Just a note – I am NOT being paid for this.  I have no affiliation with Alice.  Just talking about my experience in the hopes to make life a little easier for someone else.

I have a list that I keep for when I go to Walmart.  I will inevitably either forget the list or buy at least 5 items that aren’t on that list that I don’t NEED.  I have the same problem when I grocery shop so I figured if I’ve successfully used a delivery service for my groceries, then I could probably do the same for the household stuff I usually get at Walmart.  By successful I mean I’m getting good quality stuff and I’m staying on budget.

Why not use Walmart.com?  The main reasons are that I can fall into the same trap at walmart.com that I do at the store…buying stuff I don’t need like clothes, shoes, pocketbooks, etc. AND no coupons AND shipping costs.  Alice makes it easy.  They automatically apply manufacturer discounts, you get 5% off of each item any time you spend more than $75 (automatically – no code needed), and you get free shipping in orders over $40 (again automatically).  They just make it easy!

And if you need any more convincing…the site is named after the best housekeeper in the world…Alice from The Brady Bunch!  I’m a child of the 70’s so that sealed the deal for me. ;o)

I had signed up for Alice previously, but never ordered because I was under the impression that you kept a list of items and they would automatically resend those items after a certain specified amount of time.  I don’t know if I misunderstood the process or if they did work that way, but changed their process.  The way it works is you select your items and they give you an option to purchase now or save for a future purchase.  If you click purchase now, the item goes into your shopping cart and you select a time frame for Alice to remind you that you need to reorder after a certain time period that you select.

So I made my order.  The website is very user-friendly and pleasant to look at.  The shopping process was easy.  And it should be even easier the next time around because I’ve started to develop my list of products to choose from.  There are many different ways to shop.

I mostly just searched for what I needed, then browsed room by room.  But there are other ways to shop too.

See how cute it is?!

There was a problem with Fedex when they tried to deliver my order.  My address is confusing.  Alice (well actually Max) emailed me right away and asked for clarification on my address, then communicated to Fedex for me!  I got my order within a couple of days and I couldn’t be more happy.

Great packaging.

Great (recycled) packing material.

OCD worthy organization.

While they don’t have the rock-bottom prices and generic brands that Walmart has, they do have environmentally friendly brands and lots of discounts.  Truthfully this tower of stuff that I got from Alice would have costed me at least $20-30 more in stuff that I didn’t need.

(sorry it’s blurry)

Oh and I can track my spending on their budgeting feature.  They automatically take what you’ve purchased and categorize it for you into easy to understand charts so you can see how you are spending your money. BONUS!

CUTE packing slip!

The verdict is that I will be ordering from them again.  If you’re busy and are looking for something to make your life just a bit easier, consider this as an option.  You may feel a little spoiled, and your friends might look at you funny because they think you are being snooty, but it’s a real time-saver and in reality very cost-effective.  Unless you are one of those extreme couponers, which I am not!


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