Mommy, Wife, Professional, CEO

17 Feb

I, like everyone, have many different roles.  Most importantly I’m a mom, but I am also a wife, a daughter, an employee, an aunt, a sister, a friend and the CEO of my household (among other things).  For me staying organized is the key to managing all of these roles.  Some people have their entire lives scheduled online, either in their phone, on their computer, or some combination of the two.  While I keep my professional schedule in my work computer, it’s not as easy for me to do that at home.  I don’t always have the time to whip out my laptop, then wait for it to boot up in order to check my schedule or add something in to it.  Plus I’m an old fashioned girl at heart and there’s something uniquely satisfying about putting pen to paper.

For me a combination of my professional schedule in the computer and my personal schedule on paper works.  I also keep track of my work tasks on paper.  My current solution looks like this:

Every Friday I print out my calendar for the upcoming week.  I cut the page to fit into a spiral notebook.  I then use a glue stick to glue that page into said spiral notebook.  This has been working so far.  I like to have a record of what I’ve done to be able to go back to and reference if I need to.  So when the pages started to tear out on their own I started to think that my solution wasn’t really much of a solution at all.

Then I happened upon this post by Meg Duerksen and I spotted that planner.  And I became obsessed.  I pinned it.  I thought about it.  I decided it was too expensive.  Then I thought about it some more.  Then I watched the video.  Then I thought maybe I could make something similar myself.  Then I decided it would never be as good.  Then I watched the video again.  Then I decided which one I would hypothetically buy.  Then I looked at the pictures of the guts of the planner.  Then I may have watched the video again.  Then I picked out what pictures I would want on my hypothetical cover.  Then I uploaded said pictures as if I was ordering the planner.  Then I searched for a coupon code and found one.  Then I bit the bullet and ordered it.

I chose the collage style.  And now I wait.  And I’m dying.  Because I am a nerd and things like planners make me happy.  Seriously though I think this will be the perfect solution for my planning needs.  I will definitely post a follow up once I’ve been using it for a while.


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