Silver cougar? Not so much!

25 Aug

I am in a constant struggle with my gray roots.  My dad, the silver fox, blessed me with his prematurely gray genes.  While, in general, men with gray hair look more handsome and “distinguished.”  Women with gray hair can look washed out and hag-like.  I am one of those women that can not pull off the silver cougar look.

^not me^

No biggie – I color my hair anyway, right?  Well yes I color my hair, but  the problem lies in the fact that I have MAJOR gray right at my hairline.  My entire hairline.  And about 5 days after I color my roots I start to see a little gray stripe appear around my face.  What’s that about?!??!

A friend of mine told me that her hairdresser said you can use Just for Men Moustache and Beard to touch up roots in between. Wait what?  Really?!  It only takes 5 minutes to process!  I can do that in the morning before I hop in the shower. Genius!

Here’s the thing – I went to Walmart to pick some up.  They keep it in the men’s shaving products aisle.  So there was a guy browsing the shaving products right next to the Just for Men.  I was slightly embarassed to be scrutinizing the boxes so I just picked up the first box I saw that had the right color.  I picked the right color, but the wrong product.  I got the hair color instead of the beard color.  The hair color also only takes 5 minutes to process so I tried it out.  It worked like a charm!  Next time I will be sure to get the beard color because I think it comes with 3 applications and it’s the same price as the hair color.

It’s ironic that I’m a facial-hair-aphobe.  I do not find beards or mustaches attractive.  At all.  No offense to those who do.  It’s just not my thing.  Dimples and nice eyes, yes.  Mustache and a soul patch, no!


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