Kitchen inspiration

25 Jan

We are looking into finally creating a small addition to allow for a third bedroom for the baby.  The existing kitchen will become the baby’s bedroom which leaves a blank slate for the new kitchen.  It’s so exciting so I’ve started to gather some inspiration.

Appliance Garages

I’d like to have some sort of solution for hiding the toaster, mixer, etc.  I don’t love the traditional roll-top garages (third picture from the left)  so I’ll need to definitely find something with a door.


I definitely want black countertops.  We aren’t working with a large budget so the material of the counter will be dependent on price. I’m not opposed to doing a black tile with black grout as long as the tiles are placed pretty closely together.  I would like to mix in some butcher block as well.


White subway tile – no question.  The only decision to make is white or black grout.

Kitchen desk

I would absolutely love to have a kitchen desk.

Knobs and cabinets

I love the look of these drawer pulls for lower cabinets and the glass knobs for uppers.  I really want a majority of drawers for the lower cabinetry.

And here are some inspiration kitchens.  I’m sure I’ll be adding more as time goes on.

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