Dreamy Dreamfields Pasta

16 Apr

I’ve been hanging on to about 10 extra pounds since the baby was born.  It’s been 9 months so I think the baby weight excuse has passed its expiration date!  Also with Spring here and Summer just around the bend it’s time to punch that pooch! 

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and the nutritionist told me about Dreamfields macaroni.  I yessed her and poo pooed her in my head.  I have tried whole wheat, whole grain, supposedly good for you macaroni and my Italian ancestors rolled over in their graves with the first bites.  I thought there is no way I am going to try another “good for you” macaroni.

Courtesy of art.com

You see I love macaroni and I was sure that there was no way I would find a macaroni that tasted good that didn’t overflow with carbs.  No.way.

But then I was at the beach with my cousin who makes macaroni every Sunday like any good Italian girl does.  She told me that she uses Dreamfield macaroni and that I really should try it.  She was adamant that I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  So I figured I would try some just to prove her wrong.

Courtesy of worldimages.com

But I didn’t!  I still felt like I was going to hate it and didn’t want to try it.  And then the warm weather came.  And my cute little capris were way too snug.  I’m not going to say the word, but my midsection sort of reminds me of this:

So I tried it.  And I LOVE it!  I seriously can’t tell the difference and neither can my Sicilian husband.  Try it – you’ll love it.  It took me almost a year.  Do yourself a favor and don’t wait that long!

And the box is pretty too!

Don’t look at total carbs…note the DIGESTIBLE carbs…5!  Yes 5!!!!!!

Stock your pantry.  I did!
(Not getting paid for this – I just love it that much!!!


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