St. Patty’s Day door decor

13 Mar

This is the second door hanging of my simple holiday/seasonal door decor series.  St. Patty’s Day edition!  Here is the first.

I painted the canvas a bright springy green.  Then drew on a four leaf clover in pencil.  (is it breaking the rules to use a Christmas pencil on a St. Patty’s drawing?)

I then traced my outline with a darker green and filled in using the paint to create some depth.  See how I have that paint balanced precariously on my knees over the light beige carpet?  I live on the edge.

Adding a touch of whimsy with a black magic marker.

And hanging on the door.  I really need to remove that alarm sticker.  We don’t even have an alarm (shhh don’t tell the burglars).  The previous owners must have put it there as a deterrant???????


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