11 Mar

I’m an avid garage sale-er/thrifter.  I start to go through garage sale withdrawals in the winter so to get me through I have to go to the thrift store and/or Salvation Army almost every weekend. 

I’ve recently found some really cute pieces that I’m going to refinish so I’ll save those pictures for before/after.

Here are a couple of things I found that I’m going to leave as is…for now.

I was at the Salvation Army when this little cabinet came in.  I got it for $5.  At first my plan was to refinish it, but that was before I really looked at it.  I just think this handpainted scene is so whimsical and adorable that I can’t touch it!

Perfectly suited for baby items

It just needed a good cleaning and the hinges on the doors needed to be tightened.  See how they’re hanging down?

Love the arch

I also picked up this great little schoolchair at the thrift shop for $7.  It’s perfect for the school desk in Jack’s room.  Eventually we are going to redo that room to include Luke – that will be fun to share here.  Again my plan was to refinish it, but I kind of like the plain wood.  We plan on putting wood bunk beds in the room so I may need to refinish the chair to match once that happens.

Coty likes it too!


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