Easy door decoration

4 Mar

So I love to hang something festive on my door for whatever holiday is currently happening.  I think most people do.  I used to always have something adorable that Jack made when he was in preschool and kindergarten, but now that he is in first grade I either get something for the holiday or season that is too small or they don’t send it home until after it’s relevant.  Hmmmm I guess it’s not fair for me to expect the public school system to decorate my door for me.

So I’ve decided to make these…

This one was obviously up there for Valentine’s Day.  I’m currently working on the St. Patty’s Day one and will post that once it’s finished and hanging.  Yes I know I’m running behind on that, but hey my door is green so I figure I get a pass for a couple of days. 

My thought is that something simple to represent the holiday is kinda nice.  I hope to have one made for each holiday and season that I can use over and over.  I bet these are all over blogland and I’m not as original as I think I am, but that’s quite alright with me!

Have you seen these anywhere?  How do you dress your door?


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