Interior Personality Quiz

6 Feb

Ok try to follow the degrees of separation…I found this quiz via Holly at Life in the Fun Lane who I found via The Nester.  I already LOVE LOVE LOVED The Nester and now I LOVE LOVE LOVE Holly.  This blog is my new addiction!  I’m making my way through her archives and I found the Interior Personality Quiz.  I took it and found that it was dead on.  Fun!

Just my style

I adore the beach and all things beachy including home decor.  And while there are some elements of my house that are distictly beachy it doesn’t have an overall beachy feel.  The reason for that, I believe, is that I’ve been holding back.  I’ve been holding back because I don’t live near the beach.  I live in the woods.  I just realized that is a really stupid reason.  If a beachy house makes me feel good why shouldn’t I have one?  So there is my decorating goal for 2010.  By December I will have a beachy house!!!  So on my thrift store and garage sale jaunts I will be hunting for starfish and such!  So fun!

What is your decorating goal?  Do you have a plan or will you just wing it?


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