Soup and quiche

2 Feb

During the winter I  really enjoy cooking and baking.  I make this carrot soup…so easy.  Dump some baby carrots, celery, chopped onions (I use the frozen ones), chicken broth, a little salt, and a ton of dill in a pot.  Cook over medium heat until carrots are soft – about half an hour. Mash everything up with a potato masher (you could use a food processor to make it all smooth and pretty if you wanted to, but I like the chunks).  Cook about 10 minutes longer and it’s done.  I eat it just like that, but my boys like it with a little ditalini macaroni added to it.  You could use any small macaroni.


I also made a  quiche.  I used this recipe for the crust (best crust ever!!) and this one for the filling….SO GOOD!  I omitted the onion and garlic in the recipe and switched out the mozzarella cheese for american.


The crust recipe was for a double crust so I saved the 2nd crust until I was ready to make a pumpkin pie which I had for breakfast this morning :o)


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