It’s been a while

6 Feb

I’ve been doing tons of soul-searching, journaling, reading, etc. Making some big decisions and just trying to absorb life as much as possible. One of my biggest sources of inspiration is Glennon Doyle Melton. She just posted this little gem today.

And so… there’s the inspiration. When inspiration hits I generally want to create something from it. So here is what I created.


My plan is to frame it and put beneath it some inspiration rocks.



27 Sep

This is happening right now. Don’t know when I’ll catch up. The stuff on the right is clean, but will need to be redone for obvious reasons. I may have to work this weekend. Not a good scene.

The categories of my life are overlapping and I need to shove them back in their boxes like I shoved that laundry in the basket.


Working from home

12 Sep



7 Sep


So we happened upon a huge sale at a church today. Just walking up and down the aisles not really seeing anything special. There was a box under the table that kind of caught my eye. I knelt down to take a closer look and I saw that it was a box full of FIESTA! But not just any Fiesta… PURPLE (my favorite color) and COBALT BLUE (my other favorite color)!

$7 for the entire box. I literally fell down on my butt. Literally. It made my week. I’m so happy.

8 of these20130907-150352.jpg

8 of these20130907-150722.jpg

8 of these20130907-151019.jpg

5 of these20130907-151210.jpg

8 of these20130907-151330.jpg

They’re dusty and need to be cleaned up, but so pretty.20130907-151654.jpg
Yes that’s a watergun and toys in the background. Don’t judge.

Now… To make the big plates fit.

I may have to list a few of my other plates on ebay. I may get rid of a couple of the light blue, pink, and beige. We’ll see.


2 Sep

Not sure there is anything better than morning tea on the couch in a quiet house. Thankful for the times I’m able to receive that gift.



31 Aug

As much as I want to tell him he put his shorts on backwards and fix them, I’m not going to.


Summer or winter?

30 Jul


Do you see summer or winter in these glasses? I saw summer. There were 2 women running the store I was in and one saw summer, one saw winter. My husband said new year’s!

So, to me, that says all seasons! Ok maybe not fall. I love them!